Welcome to Online Violin Instruction at Kantata Studios. You may have dropped by this page to see what is involved in studying the violin online. I hope that I have the answers for which you are looking. Firstly, I would suggest that you read through my biography so that you can evaluate my expertise as a violinist/violist. Consider also, the years of not only teaching privately, but also within the public school system in British Columbia, Canada. If you decide to pursue the study of violin online, please be aware that it really isn’t much different than studying one on one in the confines of my studio. I teach online using “Go To Meeting”, which allows both the teacher and student to be in constant contact during the lesson. I am able to demonstrate a concept and then,watch you as you demonstrate it back to me. No different really, to what I do in my studio. Times for online lessons will be determined between teacher and student. I will suggest times when I am available, while you, in turn, can advise which suggested times work for you within your scheduled day. Before we begin, I will suggest, (if you do not already own an instrument) that you contact a music instrument dealer in your city and arrange a rental instrument. For adults, a full size violin is what is required. For children, most instrumental dealers, specializing in violin rental, can advise which size of instrument would be suitable for a young person. While one arranges the instrument rental, it would also be wise to purchase thefollowing violin books:

Suzuki Violin Book, Vol. I Toronto Conservatory Violin Book Levels Introductory, and Grade I

These are not the only required study materials; however, additional materials will be sent to you as PDF documents. As we work through both the Suzuki and Toronto Books, you will be sent MP3 piano parts for each piece being studied. I would highly recommend that you purchase an MP3 player which is able to increase or decrease the speed of the piece. This piece of equipment is ideal for private study. Otherwise, one can also use playback programs such as ITunes. My fee for teaching online violin is as follows:
1/2 hour @ $35.00
3/4 hour @ $45.00
1 hour @ $60.00

Lessons costs are payable in advance of each lesson, and you may pay using your credit card on this website.

I sincerely hope that after, 1) reading about my approach, 2) reading my biography, and 3) watching the video presentation, that you will have a reasonable idea as to how I approach the teaching of the violin.

I look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions you might have regarding online study. I wish you well in your search for a suitable teacher.