The Mission for  Kantata Studios is to develop the inner musical potential of every person (child to adult) who studies under our mentorship. As an educator I have attempted to find music, not only in the solo repertoire but also in duet, trio, and orchestral compositions, which offers challenges, yet great musical satisfaction for the performer. Music, although requiring serious work, should also create a great sense of enjoyment on the part of the performer. Therefore, we must find musical compositions which are musically challenging, no matter the grade level, yet fun and enjoyable to play.

As a composer, I write music, which hopefully appeals, not only to my own students, but also to students of other teachers and instructors. Music compositions should make use of all the techniques available to string players, young and old. Because I have spent the majority of my life doing church music, I also enjoy writing arrangements that can be performed during worship services. These also provide a great deal of satisfaction both for composer and performer. My orchestral compositions are directed at both youth orchestras and amateur adult orchestras. They are written with musical challenges, yet within the technical grasp of every member. As a composer I remain committed to providing exciting, enjoyable new music for every string performer.