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The Scampering Scarecrow represents the original piece of the Scampering Scarecrow Violin Book.  Not only is it available as a violin book but also as a viola and cello book.  There are also duets which violins, cellos, and violas can play together.
This particular composition, “The Scampering Scarecrow” represents the opportunity for all beginning players to actually start playing in an actual orchestra.  The score has been written knowing that most instructors like to assist with a piano reduction part. Instructors can find this in all of the “Scampering String Orchestra Series” In addition, most beginning orchestras do not have many violas. As a result, aViolin III is available in order to  strengthe Not only is “The Scampering Scarecrow” available for orchestra but also “Peek A Boo Ghost”, “Berceuse” and many others which total ten compositions which have started with the Scampering Scarecrow Violin Book.


All compositions in the “Scampering String Orchestra Series” come with the additional Violin III and Piano Parts.  Both can be used if needed.  All scores also come with the Major or Minor Scale of the key of the piece.  In addition, there are listed rhythms which can be used and practised as a complete string orchestra.  These rhythms have been highlighted as it would be the composers recommendation that the instructor begin using the scale with some very well known, simple rhythms.  Once the scale feels comfortable, then add the rhythms from the piece during the warmup.

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